TOPIC: Ducking with DelayThing and RoomThing

Ducking with DelayThing and RoomThing 1 year 4 months ago #21617

Does anyone do this with reverb and delay outside of S-Gear?

I quite like the effect of slightly ducking both delay and reverb (so that it doesn't pump back in when you finish playing). Even a few db reduction while playing works really well IMO.

The nice thing about an all-in-one plugin like S-Gear, is that an option like this could be added in a simple way. In something like RoomThing, the hidden parameter menu could hold the level of ducking, release time etc.
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Ducking with DelayThing and RoomThing 10 months 1 week ago #22425

I use it with delay. I like the old echoplex tones before an overdriven amp or overdrive pedal. If you dial the mix in low, it sounds awesome. ValhallaDelay plugin does ducking pretty well into Sgear.
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