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Improved IR loading 6 months 20 hours ago #21058

One of the few things I miss in S-Gear is a good way to browse/load external IRs-

I've built up a fairly large collection of IRs over the years and I like to browse them to decide what sounds best for a certain sound. In S-Gear I first have to decide on a number of external IRs to load into the S-Gear browser and then from there I can load them in the ProConvolver. I find that this makes browsing almost impossible.

For me it would be a great improvement to be able to pick a directory of my choice and then see a list of IRs in that directory and be able to load any of these directly into ProConvolver. Check for example the STL/Ignite Nadir loader that behaves this way.
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Improved IR loading 6 months 8 hours ago #21060

I already talked to Mike about this topic not long ago. and I agree with what you say. Working with ownhammer libraries is crazy. facilitating things would be helpful

Improved IR loading 5 months 3 weeks ago #21074

I agree with everything said by klinge. Please, make it happen in an update :)
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