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Automating mix in Room Thing 1 month 1 week ago #25470

I am unable to automate the mix in Room Thing in my DAW (Digital Performer 11.32). I tried simply turning on automation recording and capturing movements of the knob, but nothing was recorded. When I look at the list of exposed parameters, I don't see that parameter published (and many others are also missing...).

I'm working on a mix that requires the reverb on the guitar track to change. I love the sound of the Room Thing but if I cannot automate this, I'll have to use a different reverb I missing something, or this this not (currently) possible?

Automating mix in Room Thing 1 month 1 week ago #25473

Depending on the DAW/plug-in format, rack parameters may be disabled for automation. The S-Gear rack uses dynamic parameters and with some DAWs this can be problematic if the DAW does not update it's parameter maps on receiving a notification from the plug-in. To avoid problems, I've taken the approach of disabling automation of dynamic parameters by default, and enabling for the DAWs/formats that are known to work without issues. I may not have checked this with DP.

In the next major release of S-Gear, I will probably introduce a flat parameter map (no dynamic allocation), or restrict automation to a configurable set of parameters as is done in some other plug-ins (like Helix).
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