TOPIC: Effects "hang" in Cubase in a strange way.

Effects "hang" in Cubase in a strange way. 2 months 4 weeks ago #22850


This is hard to explain, but I'll try - and hopefully you'll understand.
I use the latest version of S-Gear in Cubase Pro 11 (issue has happened on earlier versions too) on a Windows 10 pc.

Picture that I record a guitar track using S-Gear as insert/plugin. I've dialled in reverb and delays with plenty of feedback.
I press stop, and go back to the beginning of the track to listen back. Half a second before the cursor gets to the recorded part, backlash of the effects can clearly be heard BEFORE the guitar sound.
This is of course very annoying, and can ruin any guitar track.

Anyone here who's had the same issue, and/or is there any way of getting rid of it?

Thank you for any input.
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