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SGear program changes in Reaper 5 months 22 hours ago #22684

I finally managed to solve the issue of not being able to get SGear to respond to Program Changes.

Insert SGear on a track
SGear window, Click the + sign to the upper right of the preset menu in Reaper
Select Link to Midi Program Change, and select the channel, and happily switch to your hearts content

I hate to admit how long it took me to figure this out.

And in the General forum I put the list I also used in ReaControlMidi before I found this setting.
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SGear program changes in Reaper 4 months 4 days ago #22727

Thanks for posting!

Here's how you can do the same in Cubase with the S-Gear VST2 plug-in:

  • Add an audio track with S-Gear VST2 version
  • Add a Midi Track
  • On the Midi Track set Midi In as your Midi source, et Midi out as the S-Gear plug-in (e.g Audio01:Ins… S-Gear2_x64)
  • Enable monitoring on both tracks

Changing presets in this way will work fine for live performance or selecting sounds, however, if you are recording a track then this could be problematic.

S-Gear handles program changes internally to make sure that the change is as clean as possible, whereas the DAW will just see the change as a whole lot of parameter changes. It could get messy on playback.

I know that some bands using S-Gear and Cubase in a live situation have found the best solution is to set up different sounds on different plug-in instances on different tracks, then automate the track levels as part of the performance. This takes a lot of work to set up, but provides the cleanest switching.
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