TOPIC: Scuffham 2.6.0 crashes within Cubase 10/Mac but only if I touch it

Scuffham 2.6.0 crashes within Cubase 10/Mac but only if I touch it 10 months 1 week ago #19763

I'm running S-Gear 2.6.0 as a plugin inside Cubase 10, and I have a few issues.
(one of them being I'm danish and living in France, sorry if my english will seem weird to some of you)

First here's the setup:
Computer: Apple Imac 21,5" mid-2010
3,06 GHz Intel Core i3, 12 Gb RAM
OS: 10.12.6
Soundcard: RME Babyface Pro
DAW: Cubase 10.0.15 (recent upgrade from Cubase 9) paid version ;)
plus a few electric guitars, headphones and/or studio monitors.

Type of sessions:
All my sessions are multitrack audio sessions 24 bits/44.1 Khz - max 24 tracks
typically I import 10-16 tracks of recording of my pop rock band in a studio and I add 4 to 8 tracks to them sitting in front of computer in my appartment. Sometimes I might and 1 or 2 tracks of midi track with an internal VST instrument, but not so often.
Songs (and session) duration between 3 and 6 minutes.

How it all began:
I purchased S-Gear in february 2019 and started using it in Cubase 9 rightaway, it worked great and I was very happy with the results (btw most amazing guitar amp in a computer, thanks so much for making it happen)
However I often experienced that S-Gear caused Cubase to crash and shutdown : not S-Gear crashing inside Cubase leaving the latter open, but something supposedly wrong with S-Gear causing Cubase to crash.
I could play for an hour or two, even recording 4-5 different guitar tracks, each track having an opened S-Gear with its own settings.

What happens right before it crashes: I wish to change a setting in S-Gear for one of the tracks (say, try a different amp type for this guitar track) . First I click on the "E" on the tracks which opens track info with all my inserts, but there's only one and it's S-Gear, then I double click on S-Gear and its window should appear, which it often does but frequently it's a this moment that the window doesn't open but instead Cubase shuts down, leaving me a message saying that "Cubase had shut down without notice, do you wish to send a report to Apple" (message in french, I'm living in France, sorry I don't know the exact message it should say in english)

This first happened with Cubase 9. And my 1st hypothesis was "maybe I'm running S-Gear on too many tracks". So I tried the following (still 5 guitar tracks)
S-Gear on one track, Cubase VST Amp Rack on the others: same thing happens.
S-Gear one track, nothing on the others: same thing happens.
2nd hypothesis: my processor working too much , apparently not. CPU was low.
And there were no other effects or virtual instruments running. Just 10-16 audio tracks.
If, insted of using S-Gear, I chose one of Cubase's own amp simulators like VST Amp Rack, I have no problem.
(I don't own other 3rd party guitar simulators to compare with, only those inside Cubase)

I wanted to upgrade to Cubase 10 for other reasons, but was also secretly hoping for a better situation with S-Gear inside Cubase.
Unfortunately, upgrading to Cubase 10 in march 2019 didn't change anything. I'm still having the exact same problems.

The way I manage to keep on using S-Gear in Cubase is: when I'm lucky it doesn't crash while opening the S-gear window, I then chose the preset I want for this track in this session and click save. I do the same for other guitar tracks to be recorded in the same session. And then I can record.
Later on, should it crash, I mean "when it will crash", then I just have to reopen Cubase and avoid touching S-Gear. Because my choices are saved, I can immediately select track, click record-ready and monitor buttons, and hit record and lay the guitar tracks I have in mind.
Unfortunately, I stay away from changing any setting which is a shame, but I know that an idea to decrease the amp gain or increase the treble (or change amp type) means I'll have to open S-Gear window, and it might crash again. I don't have time for messing around with that when I have to work on a project.

When I'm in the mood (or in the hurry) to track guitars, I can rely on this "restrain from touching-S-Gear-solution" and it will even work normally, and sound great, as long as I don't touch S-Gear, but unfortunately I can't use S-Gear at its full potential and am sometimes forced to use Cubase's VST Amp Rack amps which is...(let's just say that) "not the same".

I don't even plan to mix with S-Gear with those issues, so I'm only using it to get a decent amp-like sound while tracking. If I get rid of those issues and everything works well in the future, I would surely enjoy being able to adjust the sound/change amp type when I want to, and then I could even use S-Gear for the def sound in the mix process, like some of you guys might be doing!

Hopefully there is a tech-savvy DAW-geek out there who knows what's going on or who at least have some suggestions for my problem.

Thanks in advance ! (and thank you just for reading me, sorry for the long post)
In any case , I might take a deep breath and upgrade my OS from 10.12 to 10.14 and see what happens.
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Scuffham 2.6.0 crashes within Cubase 10/Mac but only if I touch it 10 months 1 week ago #19764

Hi ChristofferS,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems!

Can I please ask you to send me a quick email via support and we can try to re-create and work through these issues you are seeing. S-GEAR should be working well on your system with Cubase. We have a similar system available for test.

You mention that you are running S-GEAR v2.6, however if you purchased in February this year then you should have downloaded the latest v2.7. Please check what is reported by Cubase. Looking at the S-GEAR application may report the older version number, but the plug-in itself should report the correct plug-in version on the About screen or via the DAW.

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