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lost tone 6 months 1 week ago #19098

since last week I have the problem that after 1-2 hours of jamming s-gear looses the initial picking note.
Means for lead tones the picked note hasn't been amplified but the 2nd and 3rd note of the delay repeats were amplified. Means you only can hear the delayed notes.
After a restart of the software everything works fine again. I use a 2008 Macbook Pro with 8gb RAM and an SSD drive. Any comments from the pros?

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lost tone 6 months 1 week ago #19099

Try clearing your preferences and re-installing the app. You didn’t mention the interface you’re using, but from what you describe, the interface is still working to produce the delayed tones.

I wonder if what you’re observing is increased latency. Line6 devices use to do this on MacOS. Make sure you’ve updated your OS. There’s been a lot of work on USB audio the last couple of years.
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