TOPIC: Connecting S-Gear, Bandhub and Focusrite Solo

Connecting S-Gear, Bandhub and Focusrite Solo 4 months 1 week ago #17683

Are there other S-Gear users having experience with connecting S-Gear to's recording app - using a Focusrite Solo interface for guitar?

Although S-gear is receiving the signal from my Telecaster, the signal leaving S-Gear that goes into my recorded guitar tracks in Bandhub is the clean signal from my guitar, and not the desired S-gear amp model/effects tone I am hearing in my headphones as I record.

I have tried several times to find someone here in Lima Peru who is knowledgeable as to getting this to work correctly, but so far, no dice. (I do need to speak Spanish more fluently, I suppose!)

Any help is greatly appreciated .. S-Gear has thus far proved to be my favorite VST for guitar.

God bless all in 2018
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Connecting S-Gear, Bandhub and Focusrite Solo 4 months 3 days ago #17717

Hi there,

Sorry I'm not able to offer any insight into working with S-GEAR and I guess the question is does bandcamp facilitate the capture of audio from other App's or via plug-ins, or is it limited to audio capture direct from a device such as an audio interface or computer audio input. Perhaps someone has some experience?

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