TOPIC: OT: "Sag"

OT: "Sag" 2 weeks 1 hour ago #25486

Good day,
I hope that the day finds you all very well!

An interesting little tid-bit about "sag"! - begins at approximately 1:30.
• What about Eric's four hour sound check routine!

I hope this information is of some practicable use?
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OT: "Sag" 1 week 6 days ago #25487

I typically like a little sag in my distorted guitar tone. Clean, not so much. I've never tested the effects of new vs. used batteries but I've heard convincing arguments for it, and also against. For better or worse, it does seem to alter the tone to some degree.

Eric is a monster. I appreciate when someone dedicates their life to a craft and then something like him becomes possible. Or you can just sell your soul like Robert Johnson, but I feel like I've already sold that at some point in my life.
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