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Good day,

To begin with, I hope that some will find this information to be of some practicable use?

Windows OS's come in two "flavours", 1) Consumer, and 2) Corporate.
• The degree of "control" that you have over the configuration process is totally dependent on what flavour of Widows OS has been installed.

It also depends on the degree of configuration "control" you are seeking to deploy.
• In my particular situation, I wanted complete control - inasmuch, as this control is possible.
• thus, the deployment of Windows 10 LTSC!

For some other great info, see here: Optimize Windows 10 for LIVE SOUND
• Much of what transpires here is applicable to WIN11.
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The best windows OS tweaking guide I have found is the info from Gig Performer.
After going through the whole process, my old laptop can now handle things flawlessly.
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