TOPIC: Presonus Audiobox go interface?

Presonus Audiobox go interface? 1 year 6 months ago #23524

This is the first time I've considered going digital. I've never used anything but "real" amps and am purchasing everything from scratch. I'm not sure if digital is for me, but I'm interested. I'd like to be able to practice with low volume at home and learning about IR's and technology is interesting to me. I'm a bit worried about latency and am not sure what impact the interface has. I am planning to use the stand alone version for less computer resources since I won't have a daw in use.

Has anyone used a budget interface like this before?

Also, can I load custom IR's from York Audio into the Scuffham amps in the standalone version?
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Presonus Audiobox go interface? 1 year 6 months ago #23525

To answer your question about IRS. Yes you can import your own IRS or third parties IRS.

I will let the others to comment on the interface as I am bias to Apogee ;)
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