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Good day,

As a v2.7 owner of, but-no-longer user of, S-Gear, I would still like to state emphatically, that this Forum - at least to me, is one of the best forums that I have ever frequented and participated in!

Though there will always be the "trolls and takers" - there are a number of folks who partake of this forum that apparently - have a sincere desire to be of assistance to others.

And such an anomaly as this begs the question, "Why is this so?"

If I were to venture a possible response to the above, I do believe that this desire of others would be attributed to the developer himself namely, Mike.

So, from me personally, and I am sure the same would be said of others, "Mike, thank you...your efforts on the behalf of others is sincerely and truly appreciated!"
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I think this reflects the quality of S-Gear and the kind of people who are attracted to that quality.

But I understand where the anger comes from. To some extent it drives clicks and is a key part of the financial model of social media.
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