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TOPIC: true pedal in ftont of s-gear

true pedal in ftont of s-gear 2 months 2 days ago #22364

Yeah, it's a hand-built Nov 2020 model. Bias knob is in 2 to 2:30 range. BK had set it like that. He boxes them with the approximate EJ settings according to the preamp tube installed. Mine has the "Sino" tube which is a Ruby 12ax7ac5 HG tube. It sounds pretty amazing into S-gear. BK told me he had a small batch of "Yugo" tubes that he had saved for Eric if I wanted one. I believe they were around $75. I wanted to try out the Sino first. It takes a little bit for the pedal to warm up and the little potentiometer detent clicks are pretty sensitive. All in all, real pedals in front of S-gear are the way to go for me. The software pedals are convenient but don't have as good a tone, IMO. Of course, until Mike works his magic in a Drive-thing in S-gear.
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true pedal in ftont of s-gear 2 months 1 day ago #22367

knuck1952 wrote:

S-Gear works incredibly well with pedals IMO. I recorded this track with a Hermida Audio Nu-Valve overdrive in front of S-Gear (Custom "57)

This is really nice David. :thumbs up:
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true pedal in ftont of s-gear 2 months 1 day ago #22368


I really want to thank you for taking the time to explain your setup. This is valuable info for all S-Gear users.
I hope to start experimenting with your approach for using pedals today.


Thanks for your kind comments!

true pedal in ftont of s-gear 1 week 6 days ago #22540

Great tune and playing!

Is your signal chain guitar>Nu-Valve> audio interface > s-gear? if so what settings are you using on the nu-valve and which preset settings in S-Gear? thanks

true pedal in ftont of s-gear 1 week 5 days ago #22545


My signal chain was Strat (HS-2 bridge pickup, Vol 9.5, Tone 3) > Hyper Gravity Compressor @ unity gain, toggle:middle position, attack/sustain/blend knobs @ 12 o'clock > Nu-Valve (see photo) > Steinberg MR816csx audio interface > Cubase 8 > S-Gear using the attached preset. The output of S-gear was processed with the Eventide H910 plugin using the factory preset called "Lead Spreader". All verses were recorded using tapping technique with no pick and chorus/bridge with a pick.
Hope this helps!


David Hardy

true pedal in ftont of s-gear 1 week 4 days ago #22550

I must have tried every pedals available in front of S Gear and never found one not working well. I was also able to compare with real amps because I had them also. I finally sold all of my real amps and most of the pedals but 3. Mostly Boost pedals that work very well in front of the Stealer especially. I used them most of the time to get a 3rd channel . I will probably set-up with a Musicom Lab LE 2 to also send Midi message to change parameters on the amps at the same time I recall the hardware pedals.
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