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I have had S Gear on the shelf because I find another sim offers me better real time MIDI control options. But I am going to start implementing S Gear for some specific uses. On the whole it probably sounds a little better, but the other is close enough and I can work with it more easily on the job.

Today I am investigating setting up some banks for different guitars and work environments, thinking they could be useful.

I have the Bank Up Bank Down written to the controller and here is what I wish to do:

scroll up and down bank slots 0-9 the same way as I would to move from bank to bank or in the master list, preset to preset.

There doesn't seem to be a way to do this. It looks like I would need a (big clunky) foot controller with program numbers assigned to each pedal/button. Is that the only way I can maneuver inside a bank? No way to scroll?

Thanks in advance.

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The preset up and down controllers will always move numerically up and down the preset list. They won't follow the current bank assignments (i.e. step through preset assignments within a bank). In which case, no, there isn't currently a way to do this. I agree that probably the preset up/down controllers should work this way with the 'Bank' Midi Mapping Mode.
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It would be convenient.

I am requesting that everything be MIDI assignable and that we are allowed 128 assignable slots. For instance, just the Wayfarer Amp A itself has 27 parameters. Not that I think I would truly not be able to make compromises to accommodate using Wayfarer as Amp A and Amp B in a preset but at some point there are a lot of compromises when the other modules (Room Thing, Delay, Convolver, etc) I choose will need some type of control too. 50 is nowhere near enough. Thanks.

If that is not do-able, would creating a modular type of file structure where a group of saved MIDI assignments could be flown in and out of S gear. I know it is probably a lot but I wouldn't think that wouldf be near as complicated as plotting variables inside a tube amp.

PS maybe some things could be controlled by key commands from the computer host.
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