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S-Gear 2.9 status? 1 week 4 days ago #20754

I run the whole band on a MacBook Pro laptop using two old Focusrite Saffire Pro 40s. These are Firewire interfaces that I used through a USB-C Hub. This includes 5 vocal mics, keyboards - audio and MIDI instrument, MIDI drums (for MIDI only, drums sounds are from Logic), two guitars using a combination of Helix Native and S-Gear, and bass, also using Helix Native. No one has ever mentioned latency. And there were no drivers to install.

Audio interfaces have substantially improved in recent years, and have come down in price. The difference between the cheapest, middle of the road, and expensive has gotten smaller. For the RME Babyface Pro, the big difference is the mixing and processing that can be done in the interface itself, with nearly 0 latency, and offloading the computer. That use to be a significant feature. But computers are fast enough now to do a lot of the work themselves, cheaper and with more flexibility.

Its great to have all these options.
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S-Gear 2.9 status? 1 week 12 hours ago #20897

We're really off topic here, but there is one important factor you need to take into account when deciding for an audio interface vendor: While those which are using class-compliant drivers may not reach the lowest latency available, they will likely continue to work in the future when the operating system advances. I have had to throw away pricey gear because they did not continue to support newer operating systems. This never happened to me with devices using class-compliant drivers. Now… back to S-Gear 2.9?
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