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TOPIC: Not sure which route to take.

Not sure which route to take. 4 months 1 week ago #18785

humbuckr wrote:

Sounds like you've had good results with the 1010. I too have one of these working (mostly) with S-Gear. the issue I have occurs when switching between presets. the volume setting on the expression pedal is not initially captured bvy S-gear. Example - If i am on preset 2 and lower the volume to 0, then swtich to preset 1 - S-Gear doesn't preserve the 0 volume level for preset 1 until I manually push the pedal again.

I must be missing something simple. ideas?


No, S-GEAR doesn't re-apply the controller settings between preset changes. I expect that some Midi foot controllers can be programmed to do this.

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Not sure which route to take. 4 months 5 days ago #18797

Mr-ES335 stated:


My apologies...missed that...so, he should use S-Gear as a plug-in then.

Digital hardware mixing consoles provide a "snapshot" functionality. Scenes and snapshots are synonymous terms in this regard. I call up a preset in S-Gear and then create a scene that will re-call that preset. I do this each and every preset that I need to re-call.

I hope that this all makes sense?

PS: Have a look at this posting: New SAC Rig"

Very nice rig! Thanks for sharing the details.
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Not sure which route to take. 4 months 5 days ago #18799

I followed the SCA rig link and it mentions Show Control. Is this what you are referring to as a way to manage scenes?

If so, does the scene change cause the settings (e.g. volume) from the FCB1010 to be re-synced with S-Gear?

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