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Rob Chapman's amp sim? 8 months 4 weeks ago #24985

First of all, I'm not the type of person, who discusses other amp sims on the SGear forum, because I don't think it's fair towards Mike. Maybe it's just me...
But yesterday I came across an introduction video about a new amp sim called Tonocracy.
It is somehow conneted to Rob Chapman and Atomic. Some king of collaboration to create a Tonex-like software that offers some interesting integration options, like the integration of NAM. (I don't know how that works though).
Since it's Rob Chapman, I pretty sure it is going to be controversial. Although I never had any issues with the guy, there are a lot people who don't like him for some reason or the other.
Anyway, I downloaded the free version of the software, and I have to say, that it's pretty good.
The factory (I guess Atomic) models are not that great, and the included IR's sound weird to me as well.
But there are some guys who made some captures included by default, that are incredible in my opinion.
Other things, like the UI and logic behind certain things need some rethinking I think, and some of the included effects are quite bad, but other than that, I think it's worth a try.
It is also interesting to me, that whenever I try a new amp plugin, the longer I play with it, the better it sounds to my ears. But then I always return to SGear, and I always end up laughing at myself for thinking that the other software was good. :) I guess it is just that one can get used to anthing after a while without knowing how much better it could be... :) But then again, a lot of the famous artists didn't have access to great gear when they wrote their hit songs. Gear always came second.
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Rob Chapman's amp sim? 8 months 4 weeks ago #24987

You will see a lot of these new softwares on the market. I think I tried them all and own a lot of them. However S Gear is and always has been my main software. First the presets sounds good. All the amps and effects sound good and FEEL good.

I went through a lot of set-up at home. From real amps with load boxes to hybrid hardware and pedalboards.

In the end I realized that it is always better if you keep it simple. Also a lot of the offerings right now are more or less the same products repackaged differently. If you use a specific software or hardware long enough you become used to it and you are right about finding that it sounds good. However it is when you come back to S Gear that you realize you loss a lot of time fine tuning presets because they are not sounding so nice in the end.

For sure I am biased because I think S Gear , if you need great guitar sound and feel, is the best.It is good when you play alone and cut through a mix.

As for NAM I think this is the flavor of the month. In my set-up I have a TONEX pedal and if you choose the right captures it sounds good. However I never use the software. I even captured my preferred S Gear presets and loaded them in my pedal because it gives me a solution if I need to play without a computer.
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Rob Chapman's amp sim? 8 months 5 days ago #25033

My experience meanwhile is that having these tons of sound possibilities really takes away from making music. For example I also work with a guitar synth app (MidiGuitar) and GigPerformer and was checking out all these synthesizers with all these presets (e.g. DEXED with more than 30.000 presets!). It was a really meaningless and time consuming process! And then watching Hendrix or others just playing with one amp and some stomp boxes. The way for me is somewhere in the middle! And I prefer the concept of S-Gear with 5 amps but a lot of tweaking possibilities.
So when gigging I can choose from about 20 guitar sounds (plus fx) and 30 guitar synth sounds. That's a lot but still managable. I play on sessions and love to play fusion, so its good to have some options.
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