TOPIC: Are Real Amps Still Better Than Modeling Amps?

Are Real Amps Still Better Than Modeling Amps? 1 year 1 week ago #19530

From Rick Beato’s YouTube channel

I gave Scuffham some love in the comments section.
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Are Real Amps Still Better Than Modeling Amps? 1 year 1 week ago #19531

If we're discussing the end result, we must consider how the signal gets from the guitar to the ears, and with real amps there's a LOT to be done. Not to make excuses for S-Gear (it doesn't need any) but it removes many of the areas where most people have issues, such as recording in a great room using proper miking techniques. This is where I notice the biggest differences between one person's guitar tone and another. It's so incredibly easy to foul up a nice amp with a bad room, or mics in the wrong place and/or not properly phased. S-Gear makes it tough screw these things up, and its IRs come from nice recording spaces.

So, I'd say that even if you have an amazing amp, if you're not following through with the rest of the signal chain you could easily lose out to even the most mediocre of modeling software.

And with that said, it's getting tough for me (a guitar snob) to spot the source of my coworkers' tones when they send me tracks, and I often have to ask whether they threw up mics for a particular tone or used software.

Are Real Amps Still Better Than Modeling Amps? 1 year 1 week ago #19549

If you're someone like Matt Schofield or Buck Evans, and you have a signature tone, then I suspect a real amp in a live situation will be tough to beat with a model. But for the rest of us, the flexibility, simplicity, ease of use, wide tonal ranges, and tone quality of something like S-Gear or the typical modeling hardware solutions available to day are just impossible to beat.

But its also to a large extent what you're use to. I still have a "real" amp, a Fender Showman and external Fender reverb that I heavily modified years ago. There is real magic in that amp. I've been tempted to use it at a few gigs over the last couple of years, but never quite get their. My Helix and Powercab Plus are just too flexible and easy to use. And I've become use to that tone and feel live. Its my sound now. The real amp just doesn't have the flexibility and control I need for gigging. And its too heavy.
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Are Real Amps Still Better Than Modeling Amps? 1 year 3 days ago #19567

Hello everyone.

Personally, I’m born in 1993 and I began electric guitar in 2010. So I have not the same relationship with amp than other people. Even if tube amp sound good, i’m really really enjoying to play trough software, and to don’t have to play on tube amp. Because :

_One amp = One sound at a time
_They need to warm up.
_They cost a lot money to buy.
_They cost money to maintain.
_You can’t move them when they are warm.
_You need to play loud to get beautiful sound. (Problem for Neighours/Family...)

All of this doesn’t exist with Software. And I can :

_ Have Fender / Marshall Classic sound so easy.
_It’s so easy to play on a track for training.
_It’s so easy to record like it should be.
_Price is ridiculously low if you compare how much you have to spend to get the same quality/quantity in the analogic world.
_I can play at low volume, it sounds better than most amp existing today.

BUT it’s not that simple to find the right « product ». I really think S-Gear need more publicity. I’ve spend 6 years trying all emulation software and have not been convinced before earing about S-Gear. Whereas, with an amp, you plug and you know instantly if it’s good or not.
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Are Real Amps Still Better Than Modeling Amps? 1 year 3 days ago #19570

I remember many years ago, probably around 1976 or so, we had rehearsal at Bobby’s house way out in the country near Bango Maine. For some reason I had to play through his brown face Concert amp. I remember thinking no reverb?! But there was magic in that amp. I can still remember what it felt like to play through that amp using my Les Paul (which I still have). I’ve been studying how tube amps do what they do these days, and its a lot more complex then you could ever imagine. Electrons moving in space attempting to convert metal strings pushing a magnetic field into air pushed by a speaker in another magnetic field can be something to behold. How else could I remember that single experience all these years later?

That said, I welcome the flexibility and convenience of digital amps and are happy to celebrate their unique contribution to our ability to share music.

Are Real Amps Still Better Than Modeling Amps? 9 months 16 hours ago #19878

I found nice video about this topic on youtube
If we talk about personal experience, the tube amp sounds best; I have a special love for small ones like BUGERA V5 5-Watt with nice sound even in low wattage
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