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I'm sure some of you are great bass players, but I'm not and I've been looking for ways of getting good bass lines for a while. Here is a trick that I think sounds alright and hopefully it will help some of you too.

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I program bass in Garageband all the time. The results are decent.
I don't even own a bass.
It is rather tedious, but so is programming drums.
Read more about pedal compressors in the source

Faking bass trick 8 months 4 days ago #20453

Thanks @Chan, I watched your tutorial the other day, and it's something I've had some success with.
I've just had so much fun trying out Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2, combined with IK's MODO Bass. Setting samples low on both plugins and I've got some awesome real-time bass being bashed out on my Strat!
Highly recommend trying them out together (free trials on both). I turned everything off in Midi Guitar, so it was just sending the converted midi out to a midi bus (on Mac it was the IAC Driver). I also set the 'Bend' setting to Enabled, as I can't help bending my strings and so this setting avoiding the midi notes jumping one up/down.
I also needed to pay a bit closer attention to my playing to avoid extra notes. But it works *really* well.
Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2

EDIT: looks like the 1/3 sale price ends today (1 Nov).
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