TOPIC: S-Gear v3.2.2 is now available

S-Gear v3.2.2 is now available 3 months 2 weeks ago #25299

Hi folks!

S-Gear v3.22 is now available. This release corrects an initialisation problem in the earlier v3.21.

V3.22 includes better support for variable audio buffer size in the DAW. The main benefits are:

- FLStudio no longer requires fixed buffer size wrapper setting
- Improved looping performance with Reaper
- When using sample accurate parameter automation in Logic, S-Gear no longer glitches

When using S-Gear as a plug-in, you may notice a new option in the CONFIG screen : 'Convolver Buffer Optimisation'. This feature automatically switches the S-Gear Convolver buffer configuration when the audio buffer size is 512 or greater. This allows for more efficient processing of playback tracks in some DAWs. In most cases it is best to leave this enabled. The only time you may need to disable this option is if you are using sample accurate parameter automation in Apple Logic.

The release also includes other minor fixes. See the release history for more details.

v3.2.2 Legacy version for Mac (10.10-10.12) is available here .

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