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S-Gear v2.9.9 Apple Silicon Beta 2 years 9 months ago #22934

S-Gear v2.9.9 Beta-A is now available from the download page.

  • Apple Silicon macOS Universal2 binaries for native ARM and Intel support.
  • The AAX plug-in is Intel only, we await an updated AAX SDK from Avid.
  • Improved Convolver performance for long impulses responses (Windows and Mac).

If you are currently running an Apple M1 machine, this version will provide improved performance and consume less system resources, certainly for the Standalone App and plug-ins running under a Native ARM host. Currently there are limited options for native ARM support in host software, Apple's Logic runs Native, also Bitwig 4. Other native ARM DAWs are available in Beta.

v2.9.9 provides improved convolver performance for longer impulse responses (on both Mac and Windows systems). This may be particularly useful for anyone running 500 msec Celestion IR's, especially at higher sample rates.
(Note that S-Gear is not designed to run long convolution reverb IR's, this typically requires additional real time audio threads, and the S-Gear processing, by design, keeps to a single thread.)

Please report any problems via the support contact page, or directly to our contact email address in the footer.

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S-Gear v2.9.9 Apple Silicon Beta 2 years 9 months ago #22935

This is awesome, Mike. Thank you!

Gig Performer 4 is another host that runs on Apple Silicon natively.

This might be of interest to those running S-Gear and non-native plugins together using GP4 as a host (tl;dr AUs are ok but VSTs are not):
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