In a recent interview with Michael Marangella (Vertex Effects), legendary session guitarist Dann Huff talks through the highlights of his career and uses S-Gear to approximate the signature clean sound he used on many hit records of the eighties. Download the S-Gear presets here!


Dann describes this double chorus clean sound as "a sound that could cut through all the synthesizers of the 80's". During studio sessions for many famous songs, Dann's sound would come from two chorus units in series, followed by a harmonizer (+/- 9 cents) and then into stereo delay.

In the interview, Dann demonstrates and explains his guitar parts on these legendary songs from the 80's and 90's, including Michael Jackson, Man In The Mirror; Peter Cetera, Glory of Love; Amy Grant, Lead Me On... and more!

Download the presets and have fun working out some of Dann's guitar parts!

Watch the Full Interview on YouTube


Dann Huff - Vertex - Presets



- To import an S-Gear preset or bank, download the .sfx file, Drag & Drop to S-Gear. For detailed instructions, see the following how-to video.

- For the interview, Dann used the basic 'Core Clean' preset, then added two chorus plug-ins, C1 Chorus and AIR Chorus (both ship with ProTools). Download the ProTools track preset here: Dann Signature Huff Clean - ProTools Track Preset

- For the more heavily detuned effects that you can hear on many of the hit records, Dann would have used a harmonizer set to (+/- 9 cents). S-Gear doesn't currently have a harmonizer effect, check out H3000 plug-in by Eventide.